Lethbridge Police Commission

Purpose & Mandate

The Lethbridge Police Commission is a civilian body to which the Lethbridge Police Service is accountable. The Commission consists of seven citizen representatives and two City Council members, appointed by City Council. We are a statutory body created under the Alberta Police Act and City of Lethbridge Bylaw 5969 to oversee the Lethbridge Police Service (LPS).

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To ensure the Lethbridge Police Service will respond to the needs of the citizens of the City of Lethbridge and create a safe environment


The Commission shall, in the carrying out of its responsibilities, oversee the police service and for that purpose shall do the following:

1. Allocate the funds that are provided by the Council;

2. Establish policies providing for efficient and effective policing;

3. Issue instructions, as necessary, to the Chief of police in respect of the policies;

4. Ensure that sufficient persons are employed for the police service for the purposes of carrying out the functions of the police service;

5. Designate a person as a Public Complaint Director;

                The Public Complaint Director shall not be a currently serving police officer.

The Public Complaint Director shall

(a)  receive complaints against police officers from the public and refer them to the Chief of police under section,

(b)  act as a liaison between the Commission, the Chief of police and the Complainant as applicable,

(c)  perform the duties assigned by the Commission in regard to complaints,

(d)  review the investigation conducted in respect of a complaint during the course of the investigation and at the conclusion of the investigation,

(e)  offer an alternative dispute resolution process where, in the Public Complaint Director’s opinion, that may be an appropriate manner in which to resolve the complaint,

(f)  if an alternative dispute resolution process is offered under clause (e), review the manner in which the alternative dispute resolution process is delivered, and

(g)  provide reports to the Commission, as required by the Commission.

6. in consultation with the Chief of policeshall cause to be prepared;

(a) estimates of all money required for the fiscal year to;

       (i)  pay the remuneration of the police officers and other persons employed for the police service, and

      (ii)  provide and pay for the maintenance of accommodation, equipment and operating costs of the police service

(b) a yearly plan specifying the level of police service and programs to be provided in respect of the municipality,

and shall submit those estimates and plans to the Council.

In developing a budget, the Council may obtain any information from the Commission that may be necessary to enable it to assess the efficiency and the financing requirements of the police service.

The Council is responsible for establishing the total budget for the purposes of the police service, and the Commission is responsible for allocating the funds provided for under the budget.

7. Appoint the Chief of police and appoint police officers. Notwithstanding, the Commission may delegate the power to appoint police officers other than a Chief of police to the Chief of police. The initial appointment of any individual as Chief of police must be ratified by Council.

Police Commission Members

To ensure the Lethbridge Police Service will respond to the needs of the citizens of the City of Lethbridge.

Lethbridge Police Service

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